Sports Betting 101


There are many terms to understand when it comes to betting. Over/under and point spread are examples of betting types. Both are used to indicate the total score of a game. Over/under bets can be placed on any number of games. For example, you can bet on the football total to reach 41 points. Another term is “bad beat,” used when you lose a bet late in the game. The word “bad” comes from the word “bad beat” in poker, where a player loses their hand on the river or after the game has already been decided. Other terms used in betting include “runner” and “tout.”

Understanding odds is essential for sports betting. You must know the difference between implied probabilities and actual outcomes and be able to convert the odds between them. It is also essential to understand the difference between the odds displayed on the screen and the actual chances of the outcome. You should also understand the different kinds of betting options, including futures and in-play bets. In general, odds for most sports events will be the same, but some sports will have several options for you to choose from.

Parlays are an excellent way to win big. Parlays, based on point spread, are the most popular sports bets. They are often made based on the number of points a team needs to win to “cover the spread.” In most cases, these bets are offered at 11 to 10 odds, and a bet of $10 on a favorite team could yield a payoff of $21.

If you’re serious about sports betting, unit sizing is a key element of successful long-term money-making. In betting on sports, one unit equals to one to five percent of the bankroll. By sticking to your unit-sizing, you will be able to be consistent and avoid the “bad day” when you don’t win a bet. You should be able to monitor your progress and use this information to your advantage.

Aside from the point spread, you can also place bets on handicap. A handicap means a team has a 50/50 chance of winning. Bookmakers add a point advantage to underdogs to even out the odds. By using handicapping, your bets will be based more on luck than skill. If a team is favored, it will have the lowest possible handicap. If you have high hopes for a win, bet on Team A. However, if the team loses by 22 points, your bet isn’t worth placing.

If you’re just getting into sports betting, the best way to start is to try a few sportsbooks. Sugarhouse offers a great opening offer, where they will match your deposit up to $250 and give you a free game. Then, you can start shopping around the lines of various sportsbooks to see which one gives the best odds. You can also try betting on player props, but these are less accurate than other betting lines and carry smaller limits.